In light of the global Covid19 pandemic, many people are realising the vulnerability of life and the futility of material possessions. It became clear that, even though one can store up many treasures on earth, surely moth and rust can destroy, like we saw this year. What then does it mean to live in the 21st century and how can I find fulfilment? Are we even supposed to know who we are and do we have purpose?

Anchored Series was created by the Cape of Good Hope Bible College for the purpose of guiding believers during the difficult times we are living in to find stability and direction.

What is Anchored Series?
Anchored series is an Introduction Session linking participants to a series of small group sessions led by a facilitator in preparation for an online course in December.

What is the Introduction Session?
The introduction session is there to connect you to a small group facilitator. Once you have been connected to a small group facilitator you do not need to return to the introduction session, but you are welcome to return if you please.

What is the series of small group sessions?
The series consists of small group sessions led by a facilitator from the Bible College. The reason why the series is necessary for the preparation of the course is to bring everyone to the same level from far and wide, skills no skills, knowledge no knowledge.

What is the online course the series is preparing for?
The online course starts in December and is led by the person who leads the main session in the introductions session. Further information will be shared by small group facilitators.


Support and uplift the community through skills development and education about the word.

Find your true value and purpose through the guidance of God.



Online Zoom Sessions
Online small group sessions


Feb 2021 course details will follow soon



Tuesday, Friday or Saturday


Free of Charge
(Series is fully sponsored)

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The course will be presented in English