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Who could have predicted what happened in the last year?

As we enter into a new year, it is as if we are arising to a new beginning, like a ship that sets sail again after a storm.

And yet there is still so much uncertainty.

Is the storm over?  Will a worse one yet come?
Our ships have sustained much damage during the storm, some parts reparable, but others permanently destroyed.

Can I survive another storm?  Which direction do I set my rudder and where must my compass point?

These are the questions in many of our hearts and minds, and that is why the Anchored team has decided to start another series following the success of our December series.

This second series will help believers find direction in the new year, with the Word as the compass.

Anchored Series was created by the Cape of Good Hope Bible College to guide believers to find stability and direction during these trying times.

What is Anchored Series?
Anchored series is an Introduction Session linking participants to a series of small group sessions led by a facilitator, in preparation for an online course in May 2021.

What is the Introduction Session?
The introduction session is there to connect you to a small group facilitator. Once you have been connected to a small group facilitator you do not need to return to the introduction session.

What is the series of small group sessions?
Anchored welcomes eager participants from all walks of life, background, and denominations with any level of bible knowledge, thus these small group sessions are necessary to ensure all participants are at the same base level in preparation for the Bible College.

What is the online course the series is preparing for?
The online course starts in February and is led by the person who leads the main session in the introduction session. Further information will be shared by the small group facilitators.

**Series is presented in English 




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